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Insulin resistance

Insulin resistance is a complex physiological condition that plays a significant role in the development of several metabolic disorders, including type 2 diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular disease. It is characterized by a reduced response of cells, especially muscle, liver and fatty tissue, to the hormone insulin. Insulin is crucial for regulating blood sugar levels and facilitating the absorption of glucose into cells, where it is used to produce energy. When cells become resistant to the effects of insulin, glucose uptake is disrupted, leading to elevated blood sugar levels, which can have far-reaching health consequences. Causes of insulin resistance: Several [...]

Sports massage

Sports massage has proven to be an essential component of sports training and performance improvement. This specialized form of massage therapy focuses on addressing the unique needs of athletes, both professional and recreational, by targeting specific muscle groups and soft tissues. By combining different techniques, sports massage aims to optimize physical performance, facilitate recovery, prevent injuries and improve general well-being. Physical benefits of sports massage: Improved circulation: Sports massage improves blood flow, which helps deliver oxygen and nutrients to the muscles themselves and remove waste products. This increased circulation helps in muscle recovery and reduces the feeling of muscle [...]


Metabolism is the basic process in our body that includes all the chemical reactions necessary for sustaining life. It involves converting food into energy, synthesizing molecules needed for cellular functions, and eliminating waste products. Understanding the principles of metabolism is key to understanding how our bodies work and how physical activity and training can affect this complex process. Metabolism can be broadly divided into two categories: catabolism and anabolism. Catabolism refers to the breakdown of complex molecules into simpler substances, releasing the energy of the process. Anabolism, on the other hand, involves the synthesis of complex molecules from simpler [...]

Caloric deficit

Caloric deficit is the key to weight loss and can improve athletic performance! When it comes to weight loss, one of the basic prerequisites is a caloric deficit. Understanding what a caloric deficit is, its scientific principles, how to achieve it properly, and its benefits for athletes and the general public is essential. We will delve into the intricacies of the caloric deficit, providing insight into its definition, scientific basis, methods of application, and the benefits it offers individuals seeking weight loss or improved athletic performance. What is a caloric deficit? A caloric deficit occurs when we consume fewer [...]

Corporate fitness

Corporate fitness is the ideal solution for strengthening health and productivity in the workplace! In today's fast-paced and demanding corporate world, employee well-being and productivity have become key success factors. To address this, many companies have embraced corporate fitness and corporate fitness programs that promote physical activity, health, team spirit and an overall better work atmosphere. We will explore the concept of corporate fitness, its benefits for individuals and organizations with real-world examples that demonstrate the utility and benefits of this approach.   What is corporate fitness? Corporate fitness refers to initiatives implemented by organizations to support and encourage [...]


Fitness, or physical fitness, is a state of physical health and ability to perform not only sporting endeavors but also everyday activities with ease. The origins of fitness can be traced back to ancient Greece, where exercise was considered an integral part of everyday life. The Olympics were an early example of celebrating physical fitness as a key part of culture. In the modern era, fitness is becoming more and more important as people have become much less mobile due to technological advances and more and more time is spent in front of computers or in a sedentary position. [...]

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